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As a philosophical architectural and heritage practitioner I am starting this blog to share information regarding events and concerns involving the built environment, but will probably be more partial to its poetic qualities than its quantitative value.
raymond smith, architectural and heritage practitioner
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Model of proposal

House Fritz “Hokaai!” 2016

Additions and alterations to this grade IIIC heritage structure, of which the core was built around the 1920's, presented an inspiring challenge. Appreciated for its positive contribution to the streetscape character and coastal walk, the house in Kleinmond was at a critical stage in its history where it had to learn new ways to accommodate modern functionality or risk possible demolition in the near future. In order to remain feasible

House Hendrikz 2015

Erf 4375, Kleinmond From time to time, old houses need to “learn” new ways to adapt to modern lifestyles. If they are unable to, they often come under pressure to be demolished. This graded IIIC structure was a typical case in point. As the appointed heritage practitioner for the project, I worked with BE3 architects to ensure that this holiday house of yesteryear could be transformed to accommodate the new owner(s)

Historic photograph of Kusweg, Kleinmond, unknown

House Fritz 2015

Erf 4368, Kleinmond A single storey double pitch cottage, built around 1920, and its relationship as a positive contributing component of a streetscape grouping and coastal walk was the subject of conservation concern in this project. It contains some architectural, historical, contextual and associative significance. Additions, Alterations and partial demolition was to be affected to this “Grade III C” heritage resource to maintain use value in a sought after beachfront area