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As a philosophical architectural and heritage practitioner I am starting this blog to share information regarding events and concerns involving the built environment, but will probably be more partial to its poetic qualities than its quantitative value.
raymond smith, architectural and heritage practitioner
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North entrance view

Burger 2nd Dwelling 2014

This infill house is a response to the need for higher urban density in the conservation area of Oranjezicht, Cape Town. It serves the functional life-style of modern city living while resonating with the character of the environs. Conscious of its siting, within a conservation area, this low maintenance and energy-wise dwelling provides an appropriate second dwelling solution. It is a study of infill housing with quiet aesthetics, having to

House Scholtz north east view

House Scholtz 2011

Modernism revisited with sustainability in mind. This structure – with the Kogelberg mountains in the background – traces the contours of the sloped site on pad and ground beam foundation. Living space extends onto wood decks. A diverse selection of low maintenance materials defines the indoor / outdoor flow through a reserved use of form and linear elements. Water-wise instruments, good insulation and optimum use of passive and active solar