South-west corner of 233 Breë Street

233 Bree Street HRM (Cape Town CBD)

Re-instate the original pre-1967 three-bay façade and street fencing, correcting the Watson Street roofline and parapet cornice, while addressing ill-considered fenestration type, proportion and placement.

North East view

House Van Wyk (Pringle Bay)

This Pringle Bay holiday house, with its one-hundred-and-eighty degrees sweeping sea views, will undergo major additions and alterations project opening up the ground floor living space and adding more bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, and sunny lounge areas.

North West view

House Brynard (Kleinmond)

Solar energy, rainwater harvesting, and natural sustainable materials are key elements of the mandate to enlarge the original structure and allowing generous light to unveil the infinite ocean views and majestic northern mountain views of this Kleinmond property.

North view

House Rossouw (Pringle Bay)

Part of the planning process of this 'neo-modernist' project in Pringle Bay is to incorporate potential future development while focusing on indoor/outdoor living and maximising views and light.

AFTER :: West elevation

House Keer Weder (Hermanus)

Originally built in 1983, House Keer Weder in Hermanus was converted into a low-maintenance, practical, aesthetically pleasing abode, while adding substantial investment value.

House Joubert (2022) in Hermanus

House Joubert (Hermanus)

This solid 1950's house in Hermanus has absorbed a number of additions and alterations over the years and with new ownership in 2022, a fifth layer is added to accommodate contemporary lifestyle needs.


House Slabbert (Pringle Bay)

The brief for this extensive additions and alterations project called for a double garage, two more bedrooms with bathroom as well as an entertainment area and conservancy.

House Muller 2022 in Pringle Bay

House Muller (Pringle Bay)

Originally built in 1977, the holiday house commands a breath-taking view over Pringle Bay towards the Klein Hangklip mountain range with False Bay as backdrop.

House Roux 2022 in Betty's Bay

House Roux (Betty’s Bay)

Contemporary architecture: addition of a living unit to an existing holiday house in Betty's Bay to create more living space.

Pool terrace looking West

House Geisler-Steyn (Stanford)

Quality architecture is the result of a good conversation and House Geisler-Steyn, which is now in design development stage, has so far delivered a quality discourse.

South West view

Island House (Island of Sanibel)

Island house is a unique response in the study of a family home. Situated in a conservation area on the Island of Sanibel on the west coast of the USA, the design incorporates various green building technologies to lower maintenance levels and reduce the carbon footprint.

House Stoney Ridge 2019

House Stoney Ridge (Pringle Bay)

Heritage structure House Stoney Ridge, of which the original core cottage was built in 1948, is one of the first holiday houses built in Pringle Bay at the foot of Pringle peak. Restorative maintenance was undertaken to preserve the streetscape character and authentic spirit of place.

East elevation

House Viljoen (Pringle Bay)

The philosophy behind the design of House Viljoen in Pringle Bay is one of scaling down but still having the conveniences expected from a larger structure without the required higher maintenance costs. Space has also been allowed for possible future additions.

Heritage statement of Stoney Ridge Villa by Raymond Smith

Stoney Ridge (Pringle Bay)

One of the earliest holiday villas built in Pringle Bay in 1948 by Jock van Niekerk, who was a Springbok rugby player, needs restorative maintenance as well as increased accommodation.


Troskie Cottage (Stanford)

Troskie Cottage, a three bay renovated cottage that falls within the Stanford Urban Conservation Area, has been renovated to be environmentally sustainable.

South East perspective

Van Wyk Building (Betty’s Bay)

Van Wyk Building, a small-scale mixed-use development in Betty's Bay, consists of a two-bedroom apartment over a shop and parking garage on the ground floor.

Existing condition of 1939 cottage

Troskie Cottage (Stanford)

While conserving its heritage value and re-instating certain lacunae, the simple 3-bay Troskie Cottage in Stanford is being refurbished to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle.

New Zealand House

New Zealand House (Cape Town CBD)

Six floors of the New Zealand House office block in Cape Town CBD are spatially divided and re-designed to accommodate apartments while the building exterior will receive minimal intervention.

Overall view of completed phase 1 repurposing project

Brigadoon Village (Betty’s Bay)

Phase 1 of Brigadoon Village, a dementia assisted living facility in Betty's Bay, involves repurposing a heritage graded IIIB site and adding a multi-purpose communal space.