An early fascination with space lead me on a journey to explore sculpture, interior design, product design, architecture and later heritage management.
heritage management, overberg and boland, architecture, spatial poetry
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Raymond Smith - architect, spatial poet and heritage management


This is a crafted architectural design practice which evolved over thirty years. It offers the full six stage professional architectural service including consultation on interior design while taking cognisance of urban design aspects and landscape elements within a given context.

With a specialization in conservation of the built environment – also offering professional heritage resources management services – it is natural for us that the principles and approaches advocated in contemporary theory, such as sustainability and cultural continuum, is grafted in shaping environs which are practical and aesthetically appropriate. When engaging existing sites and structures, various conservation approaches and methodologies are explored in its transformation or repurposing process dependent on the identified significances.

Even though the practice of design is regarded as an activity which involves dialogue and negotiation to build relationships among a variety of concerns such as social, political, cultural, environmental, practical, technological and economic issues, in our view, design is also a playful experience in exploring the qualities and relationships among the formal elements of design, such as space and volume, colour, line, texture materials and light.

To ensure quality projects, which requires enough time to explore possibilities, this practice only accepts a limited number of commissions every year.

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