Heritage Services
Due to the diverse nature of heritage resource management, teams are often established to accommodate multi disciplinary specialist requirements.
heritage western cape permit applications, heritage impact assessments, heritage resource management, heritage statements
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Stuurmansfontein (early Cape vernacular) Corbelled house, Carnarvon

Introduction to Heritage Resource Management

Conservation of the Built Environment

Heritage Resource Management
This practice is assigned to the code of conduct as prescribed by APHP – Association of Professional Heritage Practitioners.
Due to the diverse nature of heritage and conservation related work, varying scales of complexity and scope, the service and fee proposal can only be defined in response to specific project needs. Note that project teams are often established to accommodate multi disciplinary specialist requirements.

Typical projects which could be undertaken by this practice may include:

  • NHRA – National Heritage Resources Act Applications, such as Sec. 34 or 38, which may require Heritage Statements or Impact Assessments
  • Architectural projects which triggers NHRA
  • Built Environment Assessments and Grading
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Heritage Surveys
  • Heritage Reports
  • Historical-Architectural Research
  • Heritage Inventories
  • Other: Museum & Exhibition design
  • Heritage Western Cape Permit Applications

Fees Description

Due to the wide variety of heritage related work which could be involved, the fees are determined on a project specific basis. This is based on the scope, scale, complexity and resources needed to respond to specific project requirements and/ or authority requests.


All consultation work such as pre-commissioning briefing sessions, advice on site and property prior to purchase, planning process, etc. will be charged for on an hourly basis. Due to the wide variety of heritage related work which could be involved, the fees are determined on a project specific basis. This is based on the scope, scale, complexity and resources needed to respond to specific project requirements and/ or authority requests.

General notes

Unless otherwise stated in the letter of appointment, all reference to other consultants’ fees will be for the client’s account. This practice is not registered for VAT. Invoices are payable on presentation.
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