Combrink Cottage (Betty’s Bay)
Correcting the low gable and roof pitch created double volume in the lounge area, while ensuring the double story accretion does not overwhelm the authentic Combrink Cottage in Betty's Bay.
spatial functionality, double story, architectural professional
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Combrink Cottage (Betty’s Bay)

Combrink Cottage 2009

Major addition and alteration to this holiday cottage provided the opportunity to redefine spatial functionality to accommodate new requirements while being able to address architectural indiscretions, such as correcting the low gable and roof pitch, which in turn allowed for a double volume in the lounge area. By introducing more glazing and open flowing spaces, the building acquired a feeling of lightness without undermining the character of the rehabilitated original 1970’s cottage on the street front. This was further ensured by not allowing the double story accretion in the rear to overwhelm the authentic cottage, thereby preserving its street landscape offering in scale and character.


“Ending the project with an invitation to a barbeque on the stoep says enough.”
– Raymond Smith
(architectural professional)



Residential Architecture


Full six stage architectural


3 Mar 2009


2009, architectural professional, betty's bay, double story, spatial functionality