De Wet Cottage 2014
De Wet's lock-up and go barn-house cottage in Elgin incorporates modern thermal and photovoltaic technology combined with traditional form.
elgin, thermal, photovoltaic technology
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De Wet Cottage 2014

This modern barn-house cottage, which accommodates a city dwellers’ need for retreat, encapsulates all the conveniences of a lock-up and go. It is self-sufficient in terms of energy with thermal and photovoltaic technology incorporated in the design. The cottage provides a sense of delight with its human scale and the juxtaposition of contemporary materials with traditional form. The design and orientation maximise interaction with its Elgin mountain-setting.


“Ons het baie gedroom op die erf oor hoe die huis sal lyk en vandag weet ek dis nog mooier as wat ons dit gedroom het. Baie dankie dat julle almal hierdie droom waar gemaak het. Julle dink dalk julle bou net huise, maar vir elkeen van ons is dit ‘n ekstensie van onsself.”
– Hanli de Wet

Residential Architecture


Full six stage architectural


10 Sep 2014


cottage, elgin, modern, photovoltaic technology