House Klopper-Haupt (Philadelphia)
Inspired by 19th century architecture, House Klopper-Haupt in Philadelphia harnesses up-to-date building technology and spatial experience in a semi-rural landscape.
up-to-date building technology, 19th century architecture, philadelphia
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House Klopper-Haupt (Philadelphia)

House Klopper-Haupt 2012

A traditional approach, with aesthetic character inspired by the 19th century architecture from the old part of the Philadelphia village, it is a response of its time in concept and detail. The design remembers the conceptual heritage of the semi-rural landscape while harnessing up-to-date building technology and spatial experience. A rich use of materials and textures provides interest and warmth to this house which lives comfortably alongside its older neighbours.


“Ons is opgewonde en beïndruk met die konsep en voel baie positief oor die projek. Lyk great!!”
– Sonja Klopper



Residential Architecture


Full six stage architectural


2 Jul 2012


19th century architecture, 2012, philadelphia, semi-rural landscape