SANCCOB – Bird Rehabilitation Centre
An environmental impact assessment was done for SANCCOB's proposed bird rehabilitation centre between Betty's Bay and Kleinmond because of its location in the buffer zone of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.
sanccob, bird rehabilitation centre outside betty's bay, kogelberg biosphere reserve
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SANCCOB – Bird Rehabilitation Centre

The SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds

This unusual brief and site provides significant challenges of which re-zoning, provision of own sewerage plant and own water supply is only a part of. Due to the sensitive location in the buffer zone of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, an environmental impact assessment as well as a visual impact assessment is required.
The centre, which is in the early planning stage, will include special bird treatment areas such as a wash-bay in the event of oil spills, x-ray room, various pens and aviaries, post-mortem room, offices, conference and tourist facilities among other.



Conservation and Tourism


5 Feb 2018


coastal birds, environmental impact assessment, sanccob, tourist facilities