Street elevation Front door approach Elevation facing the ocean looking south Entrance foyer Open plan kitchen, dining and living space View from interior braai area towards kitchen and living space View from entertainment patio View from main bedroom Pool deck

House Augustyn (De Kelders)

House Augustyn 2017

This contemporary holiday house is situated in the coastal village of De Kelders. The program serves all the functions which one would expect from a holiday house with focus on entertainment and play areas on ground as well as first floor.
The built form, expressed as a cuboid with rectangular footprint, presents a flat plane to the street while shifting extrusions and impressions to create balconies and entertainment spaces, thereby maximising sea views and light on the ocean side. The spatial arrangement ensures a positive flow, continuously enforcing connectivity with the entertainment areas. Even though the bedrooms serve as quiet private spaces to withdraw to, they continue the theme of light and views.
The architectural landscape of the village is predominantly contemporary and varied in style, approach, materials and scale. A reserved use of form was implemented to allow the structure to harmonise with the built fabric which surrounds it.


“With his tactful use of candor, he will give you frank answers to all your questions – design, cost-related or otherwise. Because we were not in the country to monitor the progress of our home being built, Raymond monitored site progress for us by way of weekly site visits, and bi-weekly meetings, minutes and photos. We put a lot of faith and trust in Raymond; and he simply exceeded our expectations exponentially. We feel truly lucky to have worked with him. Raymond applies his intellect and wealth of expertise to construct the plans to make your dream house come true. Because of Raymond’s delightful personality, and how thorough and wise he is, it made our home building experience extremely memorable and pleasant. We highly recommend him!”
– Esther and Divan Augustyn



Residential Architecture


Full six-stage architectural


17 January 2018


2017, contemporary holiday house, de kelders, open plan, sea views