House Fritz “Hokaai!” (Kleinmond)
A surgical touch was required to allow House Fritz "Hokaai!", a 1920’s house in Kleinmond, to adapt to modern needs without undermining the heritage value of the property.
grade IIIC heritage structure, heritage resource management, modern functionality, kleinmond, house in kleinmond
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House Fritz “Hokaai!” (Kleinmond)

House Fritz “Hokaai!” 2016

Additions and alterations to this grade IIIC heritage structure, of which the core was built around the 1920’s, presented an inspiring challenge. Appreciated for its positive contribution to the streetscape character and coastal walk, the house in Kleinmond was at a critical stage in its history where it had to learn new ways to accommodate modern functionality or risk possible demolition in the near future. In order to remain feasible in the context, which commands breathtaking Atlantic ocean views, a surgical touch was required to allow the elegant structure to morph into one which respects the evolution of past form, yet embraces the new without undermining the heritage value of the property.


“Everyone loves the design. Your enthusiasm and passion for your work has made a big impression on us. It is no wonder that everyone in the industry speaks highly of you.”
– Gerhard Fritz




Residential Architecture


Full six stage Architectural and Heritage Resource Management


9 May 2016


2016, heritage resource management, heritage value, kleinmond, modern functionality