House Lermer “Happy Days” (Betty’s Bay)
House Lermer, Betty's Bay grade IIIC heritage site, was designed architecturally to retain historic heritage value, incorporating advanced sustainability technology.
heritage site, conservation, sustainability, betty's bay, design outcome
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House Lermer “Happy Days” (Betty’s Bay)

House Lermer “Happy Days” 2015/2016

The original structure on this grade IIIC heritage site was built in 1943 to serve as a WWII radar monitoring facility. During 1970, additions were made to turn it into a proper house. The 2016 design allows the structure to evolve architecturally, not only in functional terms – by increasing accommodation and improving tectonics while maximising views, but to acquire aesthetic merit. This also afforded the opportunity to introduce technological advancements with regards to sustainability. A critical conservation approach was followed in order not to undermine the historic heritage value.


“We are very pleased with the design outcome.”
– David Lermer




Residential Architecture


Full six stage Architectural and Heritage Resource Management


10 Sep 2015


2015, 2016, betty's bay, heritage resource management, heritage site, sustainability