House Lermer “Happy Days” 2015 / 2016
House Lermer, Betty's Bay grade IIIC heritage site, was designed architecturally to retain historic heritage value, incorporating advanced sustainability technology.
heritage site, conservation, sustainability, betty's bay, design outcome
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House Lermer “Happy Days” 2015 / 2016

The original structure on this grade IIIC heritage site was built in 1943 to serve as a WWII radar monitoring facility. During 1970, additions were made to turn it into a proper house. The 2016 design allows the structure to evolve architecturally, not only in functional terms – by increasing accommodation and improve tectonics while maximising views, but to acquire aesthetic merit. This also afforded the opportunity to introduce technological advancements with regards to sustainability. A critical conservation approach was followed in order not to undermine the historic heritage value.


“We are very pleased with the design outcome.”
– David Lermer




Residential Architecture


Full six stage Architectural and Heritage Resource Management


10 Sep 2015


betty's bay, heritage resource management, heritage site, sustainability