Busker's Cube bring live music to the outdoors

Busker’s Cube

Busker’s Cube

Background to the installation piece

The COVID lockdown regulations had a devastating effect on the live performance art industry world-wide. This piece draws attention to the isolation and economic predicament that the performance industry finds itself in.

Conceptual response

To produce a functional interactive mobile installation piece entitled “Busker’s cube”. The idea is to create a self-sufficient shelter, which can easily be moved from one remote site to the next to bring live music to the outdoors. It was designed to house a solo musician for a day or two in remote areas while providing protection against the elements.


4.41 square meters in area. 2.1 meters wide x 2.1 meters long x 2.1 meters high. 9.26 cubic meters. The retractable legs add another 50-60 cm in height.


Quality materials which can withstand extreme conditions. Exterior grade birch plywood, glass, aluminium.


The cube will be designed in such a manner that it will be cut by means of a CNC computerised cutting machine to allow for precision lock-together components.


The overall weight will not be more than 350kg, allowing it to be easily lifted and loaded on and off a sledge trailer by four men to be moved around to new positions whenever needed.

Design specification

The cube will stand on retractable aluminium legs to raise it well above the snow. The cube will be well insulated for thermal comfort of the performing artist. Basic needs for a day or two will be incorporated, such as water supply, electricity by means of solar panels, inverter and battery pack, closed combustion stove for heating, small gas burner to warm up food or make coffee, resting facilities as well as a bio toilet. The main focus will be to allow quality sound to permeate from the cube. The cube will be able to morph from a closed cocoon to a more
open structure by means of fold-out panels during good weather days.

Estimated budget

The production cost of 1 600 Euro will be enough to cover the main structure. Additional sponsorship or material sponsorship in kind will need to be arranged to accommodate the specification as it stands now with regards a sound system, fire place, small gas stove, the bio toilet and solar power. These items could also be rented for the duration of the project.

It could also be considered to manufacture the piece in South Africa and ship it to Austria.

The designer is well versed in design, coordination and management of construction projects of various scales, from furniture, exhibitions, installation art to architecture and do not foresee issues that cannot be overcome in the realisation of the project.

DESIGNER. Raymond Smith (South African)
CONTACT NUMBER. +27 83 251 9467
E-MAIL ADDRESS. info@raymondsmith.co.za

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