South-west corner of 233 Breë Street

233 Bree Street HRM (Cape Town CBD)

Re-instate the original pre-1967 three-bay façade and street fencing, correcting the Watson Street roofline and parapet cornice, while addressing ill-considered fenestration type, proportion and placement.

Heritage statement of Stoney Ridge Villa by Raymond Smith

Stoney Ridge (Pringle Bay)

One of the earliest holiday villas built in Pringle Bay in 1948 by Jock van Niekerk, who was a Springbok rugby player, needs restorative maintenance as well as increased accommodation.

Existing condition of 1939 cottage

Troskie Cottage (Stanford)

While conserving its heritage value and re-instating certain lacunae, the simple 3-bay Troskie Cottage in Stanford is being refurbished to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle.

New Zealand House

New Zealand House (Cape Town CBD)

Six floors of the New Zealand House office block in Cape Town CBD are spatially divided and re-designed to accommodate apartments while the building exterior will receive minimal intervention.

WWII hall

Mooihawens (Betty’s Bay)

Re-development of the original 1942 WWII radar station barracks resulted in Brigadoon Village, a dementia assisted living facility under construction, situated in the significant Stony Point area of Betty's Bay.

Historic photograph of House Platdak c.1940s

House Platdak (Betty’s Bay)

Though low in architectural value, the 60+ single storey House Platdak cottage is situated in environs of high significance in De Wet's Bay, Betty's Bay.

House Hendrikz (Kleinmond)

Transforming House Hendrikz (graded IIIC structure in Kleinmond) into a modern holiday house yet preserving its heritage value, saved it from being demolished.

Historic photograph of Kusweg, Kleinmond, unknown

House Fritz (Kleinmond)

House Fritz, a 1920's single storey double pitch cottage in Kleinmond, maintained both historical and use value through well contemplated architectural re-development.

Graaff House (Arniston)

Responsible alterations to Graaff House in Arniston enhanced its landmark quality architectural heritage value while contributing to the cultural evolution of place.