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As a philosophical architectural and heritage practitioner I am starting this blog to share information regarding events and concerns involving the built environment, but will probably be more partial to its poetic qualities than its quantitative value.
raymond smith, architectural and heritage practitioner
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Heritage statement of Stoney Ridge Villa by Raymond Smith

Stoney Ridge 2018/2019

One of the earliest holiday villas built in Pringle Bay in 1948 by Jock van Niekerk, who was a Springbok rugby player, needs restorative maintenance as well as increased accommodation.

Existing condition of 1939 cottage

Troskie Cottage 2017

Erf 419, Longmarket Street, Stanford Village Rehabilitation project of a c. 1939 cottage in Longmarket Street, Stanford. This simple 3-bay cottage with double pitch roof, gable ends and enclosed covered stoep areas, will be refurbished to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle, while conserving its heritage value. Certain lacunae will be re-instated and some insensitive later accretions, such as enclosed stoep areas, will be removed to preserve the authentic character of the original

New Zealand House

New Zealand House 2018

Erf 2373, Cape Town Repurposing of an existing office block through the process of adaptive reuse to accommodate apartments. Refurbishment, additions, alterations, partial demolition of internal non-loadbearing partition walls and restorative maintenance to a "Grade IIIB" site. The basement of the 6-storey building will be utilised for storage. The ground floor commercial space with 3 shops will be retained while the spatial division of six floors will be re-designed to accommodate

WWII hall

Mooihawens 2014

Erf 5553, Betty’s Bay Situated in the significant Stony Point area of Betty’s Bay, famous for its African Penguin colony, the site of the old whaling station, Khoi reef and during WWII home to a radar station which monitored German U-boat activity around the coast. The architectural and heritage practitioner’s task at hand was to determine the heritage significance of Mooihawens, regarded as a grade IIIB site, to establish indicators, informants and

Historic photograph of House Platdak c.1940s

House Platdak 2015

Erf 3454, Betty’s Bay This heritage resource management project came about as a result of the owner(s) intention to effect alterations to a cottage which is older than 60 years and which falls within an identified Special Management Zone. Although the structure itself is of low architectural value, the environs is of high significance. The single storey cottage was built around 1930 by Henry Bailie Lűckhoff as a holiday house. It is

House Hendrikz 2015

Erf 4375, Kleinmond From time to time, old houses need to “learn” new ways to adapt to modern lifestyles. If they are unable to, they often come under pressure to be demolished. This graded IIIC structure was a typical case in point. As the appointed heritage practitioner for the project, I worked with BE3 architects to ensure that this holiday house of yesteryear could be transformed to accommodate the new owner(s)

Aerial of site and Stony point context

House Lermer “Happy Days” 2015 / 2016

Erf 2392, Betty’s Bay A single storey house, built around 1943, of which the authentic core served as a radar station monitoring room during WW II. This heritage site forms part of a historical grouping of this period in the immediate area as well as other radar sites along the South African coastline. It is of historic and associative significance. As the appointed heritage and architectural practitioner on the project, the

Historic photograph of Kusweg, Kleinmond, unknown

House Fritz 2015

Erf 4368, Kleinmond A single storey double pitch cottage, built around 1920, and its relationship as a positive contributing component of a streetscape grouping and coastal walk was the subject of conservation concern in this project. It contains some architectural, historical, contextual and associative significance. Additions, Alterations and partial demolition was to be affected to this “Grade III C” heritage resource to maintain use value in a sought after beachfront area

Graaff House 2014

Erf 342 Arniston This holiday house, a grade IIIC building, is prominently located in a residential zone on the sea front edge in Taillard Street, in one of three Cape Agulhas Municipality Town Planning Scheme designated heritage precincts of Arniston, which lies 24 kilometers south of Bredasdorp. The area is referred to as “Arniston Old Town” the area east of Pratt Street and north of Cliff Street. Historically the property is representative

Street view of historic cottage, 2014

Groenewald Fisherman’s Cottage 2014

Erf 81 Kleinbaai This seemingly insignificant little corrugated cottage takes on a new meaning when read against the background of Kleinbaai’s early use – as a fisherman launching harbour. Hence its IIIB heritage grading. On Erf 81, a free standing “fisherman’s” cottage with double pitch corrugated fibre-cement roof and wall cladding with hearth built of stone and cement, is situated on the south eastern portion of the property. It is estimated that