Veldhuis with green building principles employed

Veldhuis (Betty’s Bay)

Veldhuis, a residential home in Betty's Bay, is a re-interpretation of Cape vernacular architecture employing green building principles and open plan functionality.

West view from Street

De Wet Cottage (Elgin)

The De Wet's lock-up and go barn-house cottage in Elgin incorporates modern thermal and photovoltaic technology combined with traditional form.

North entrance view

Burger 2nd Dwelling (Cape Town)

This infill house in Cape Town's Oranjezicht conservation area serves the functional life-style of modern city living while resonating with the character of the environs.

West view of house

House Combrink (Stellenbosch)

House Combrink, a contemporary family home in a vineyard estate near Stellenbosch, offers all the conveniences of an upmarket life-style, while being energy efficient too.

Fa├žade detail

House Klopper-Haupt (Philadelphia)

Inspired by 19th century architecture, House Klopper-Haupt in Philadelphia harnesses up-to-date building technology and spatial experience in a semi-rural landscape.

North east view

House Scholtz (Betty’s Bay)

With scenic mountains as backdrop, House Scholtz in Betty's Bay has sustainability in mind with water-wise instruments, good insulation and optimum use of passive and active solar.

North-West Street view

Combrink Cottage (Betty’s Bay)

Correcting the low gable and roof pitch created double volume in the lounge area, while ensuring the double story accretion does not overwhelm the authentic Combrink Cottage in Betty's Bay.